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The perfect business makeup

Last week I’ve been on a highly professional business workshop. Among the lecturers was a young woman – and even though she was very competent, she looked unprofessional to me. Why, you ask? She was wearing glitter bracelets, had a massive amount of blush on her cheeks and her boots had glitter on the shafts. She looked beautiful for sure, but this was a business occasion – so, seriously?

How you should dress at work, of course, depends on the branch you are working in as well as the job you possess. In some cases it is absolutely ok to dress casual or trendy. But when it comes to very conventional branches the last thing you want to look like is “girly”, “cute” or “sexy”. You want to look professional and competent– that’s all.

So why even wear makeup at the office?
Studies have shown that makeup „increases people’s perceptions of a woman’s competence and trustworthiness“. Casual business make up can make you look more polished and professional. You just have to be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts.





Foundation isn’t necessary unless you feel like you need to cover patchy skin or something. Wearing concealer is important to get rid of any dark circles under your eyes that make you look tired. Try to conceal any blemishes as well. It’s ok to use a little bit of bronzer for contouring, but it has to be a matt one that is rather cool-toned (no orange). I think products like the HOOLA by benefit or Taupe by Nyx are just fine. My suggestion for blush is: Don’t use any! There is no need for rosy cheeks at your workplace, right?





As I’ve already mentioned in my Naked2 Basics post, cool-toned nudes are the  perfect shades for office ladies. You basically can’t go wrong if you use colors like beige, champagne, vanilla, taupe, brown, camel or gray on your eye. Be thrifty with shimmery shades though. A fine line of black or brown eyeliner is also very ok. And: do go easy on mascara. One layer is enough. Your brows should not look fake either (I did a review on the shown dipbrow pomade). You can apply a white or ice-blue liner on your waterline for a more open and awake look.





Lipstick isn’t necessary, but it’s never wrong to give your lips some extra moisture (btw: NUXE Reve de Miel® shown above, is the best lip balm I know). If you want to apply lipstick, choose a sheer and neutral color. And even if we all love our red, blue and pink nail polishes, a nude color is the most appropriate choice. It will make your nails look healthy and nice. In terms of perfume, less is more. Furthermore you don’t want to smell tempting or extremely „girly“, so why not use a unisex one? My all time favorite unisex fragrance is the CK One.

I’m aware that my suggestions are ultraconservative, but that’s simply my personal view of the “perfect business makeup”. I think so many young woman are automatically underestimated ‘cause of their ‘cute’ looks. When it comes to your place of work, less is more in terms of makeup. You should let you skills and talent shine, not your highlighter!



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