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Have you heard? Marc Jacobs is doing beauty.

Maybe you’ve heard or read about it – Fashion designer Marc Jacobs came out with a beauty line last year. Since then, all Marc Jacobs Beauty products are sold exclusively at Sephora and selected Marc Jacobs stores.
As a fan of Marc Jacobs as a designer, I decided to give one of his palettes a go. I chose the Style Eye-Con No.7 – Plush Shadow palette in the version “The Tease 202”. $59 for seven small eye shadows is a lot, so I did expect very good quality.



The packaging itself is beautiful, chic, lightweight, glossy, super skinny and sleek. It has the perfect travel size and can easily be stored in any purse. The downside is, that the palette get’s dirty very quickly. You basically just have to touch it and there’ll be noticeable fingerprints all over.
As for the shadows themselves, the colors are absolutely beautiful. They aren’t named, so here they are from left to right:

1 - purple sheen 
2 - matte grayish purple
3 - matte pale pink
4 - iridescent champagne sheen
5 - metallic pastel pink with gold shimmer
6 - matte bright aubergine
7 - deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer.
"The Tease 202" : Swatches and eye makeup

„The Tease 202“ : Swatches and eye makeup

Unfortunately, even though the design and color range of this palette are great, I cannot recommend it. The pigmentation and the color payoff really disappointed me. All the eye shadows are extremely sheer for a high-end product. I feel like I have to build them up like forever to create a dramatic look.

Don’t get me wrong – you can create beautiful looks with this palette – BUT for the price of 59$ I expect a fabulous color payoff and pigmentation.

Sorry Marc, you can do better!


Have you purchased any of the Marc Jacobs Beauty products?

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6 comments on “Have you heard? Marc Jacobs is doing beauty.”

  1. Me.Melanie sagt:

    Das Design gefällt mir sehr gut ind die Farben sind auch sehr ansprechend.

    1. Ja die Farbrange ist wirklich große klasse! Aber für den Preis erwarte ich eben eine bessere Pigmentierung..
      Lieber Gruß an Dich, Melanie 🙂

  2. ulli ks sagt:

    I was able zu swatch the Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palettes while a trip to Venice.
    Lucky me!
    Because my first impression was like yours. The quality of these eyeshadows is not good enough for this really high pricerange 😉

    ulli ks

    1. Absolutely 🙁 Hopefully MarcJacobsBeauty will improve the formula of their eyeshadows soon!
      Thank you for stopping by Ulli <3 🙂

  3. Ohhh! Du Glückliche 🙂 Diese Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Paletten sollen ja wirklich umwerfend sein und ich würde sie so gerne mal testen! Und wahrscheinlich auch direkt eine haben wollen haha! Mutige Farbwahl übrigens 😉 Ich würde wohl eher eine neutrale/braun-mauvige Palette wählen, da ich nicht mal alles aus der Naked 3 raushole… #shameonme 😛
    Liebe Grüße, Lara von

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