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Vintage Jewel : The Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Palette

This time I’d like to show you my favourite ‘vintage’ eye shadow palette: The Show Pony palette by Urban Decay. It has been part of UD’s 2009 holiday collection and came in a box with a travel sized 24/7 eye pencil in zero/black (I’ll do a separate review of my UD eye pencils soon) and primer portion. The packaging is illustrated by Kime Buzelle, who is an illustrator, photographer and artist – very popular in the LA art scene.

A true vintage jewel.


Inspired by Buzelles illustrations, this palette is filled with 6 shadows. 2 of them have been exclusive to the set: Snatch and Painkiller. Some of the shades are very „fashion forward“, others are neutral and “9 to 5 friendly”.

Shades (0,9g each):

Snatch:  peachy-pink with glitter
Painkiller:  turquoise shimmer
Mildew:  deep green
Flash:  electric purple
Smog:  deep bronze
Toasted:  copper
Shadow Pony Palette: Swatches and Eye Makeup

Shadow Pony Palette: Swatches and Eye Makeup

All the colors come out as they appear with a primer base (even without a primer, they are still well pigmented, maybe a bit more sheer). The shades are almost creamy for being powder shadows. The colors are just very fun to play with.



This product just has the most wonderful (not to say “hipster”) packaging I’ve ever seen on an eye shadow palette. Big, big love!

Whats your favourite „vintage“ palette?


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