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MAC’s Creme D’Nude + DUPE?

MAC’s  Crème d’Nude is my favorite nude lipstick and also one of the most popular nudes in the beauty blogging world. It costs 20€ and is a light pinkish, sheen nude with cooler undertone – a little bit peachy as well. Creme D’Nude has its proper place in the line of permanent shades in the Cremesheen collection. The disadvantages of cremesheens are, that they melt very easily and show every little imperfection of your lips. (Cremesheen: crème-based;  imparts bright full color, with a soft of supply shine)  I’d say that, worn by itself, this lipstick is more suitable for fair skintones, but with a gloss on top it’s fine for medium to dark skintones too. It’s perfect to pair with really smokey eyes.

I thought a nice dupe of this gorgeous lippie could be the Creamy and Care lipstick #10A by Manhattan, so I compared them.

Mac Creme d'Nude and the possible dupe by Manhattan.

Left Lip: Creme d’Nude by MAC |  Right Lip: #10A by Manhattan.

As you can see Creme D’Nude looks a bit milkier and less pink. Furthermore it has better pigmentation than the Manhattan one. Anyway – on the lips they still look quite similar.


Left picture/with flash: [ left: Manhattan #10A | right: MAC Creme D’Nude] Right picture/no flash: [left: MAC Creme d’Nude | right: Manhattan #10A]


Overall, I wouldn’t consider them dupes, but the #10A is close enough to be a good alternative if you don’t want to spend the 20€ for the Mac goldie.


2 comments on “MAC’s Creme D’Nude + DUPE?”

  1. Oha! Dir steht der MAC Creme d´Nude ja ganz fabelhaft!! Ich wünschte das wäre bei mir auch so..ich hasse ihn an mir 😀
    Also wenn deiner mal leer geht, melde dich, kannst meinen haben, hihi
    Liebste Grüße, Lara 🙂

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