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BASICally NAKED for the 2nd time

The Naked 2 basics palette is the newest member of the much-hyped Urban Decay Naked series. It is pretty much an entirely matte palette that includes 6 very grey/taupe oriented shades.

SKIMP [pale nude, satin, the only shade that is not brandnew, it can be well used as a highlighter]
STARK [nude-pink, matte]
COVER [muted red-brown, matte, perfect for the crease]
PRIMAL [muted brown, matte]
FRISK [warm grey, matte]
UNDONE [deep and smoky brown, matte]

The color payoff of the shades is excellent and the texture is soft, smooth and buttery (in other words: standard Urban Decay eyeshadow quality). Some bloggers complained that the pigmentation of UNDONE seems to be poor. I, personally, would rather say that the shade is very subtle – which is just fine if you want to have a very “naked” eye-look.

The Shades. (Yes, I already broke "Undone". Shit happens.)

The Shades.
(Yes, I broke „Undone“ already.Shit happens.)

The palette is perfect for someone who likes cool-toned shadows over warm-toned ones. Especially for office ladies this, in my opinion, is the ideal palette. I like the Basics palettes a lot. They’re tiny (10,5cm x 5,5cm) and perfect for travelling. Furthermore the N2B shades are nice for using as brow colors too, as they won’t look too “red-toned” on anyone’s skin.

Swatches (Undone, Skimp, Stark) and Eye Make Up (Skimp, Frisk, Cover)

Swatches and Eye Make Up

Already in early September a friend of mine got me the Naked 2 Basics palette from Sephora US. But it also is available in Germany since October 2014. (26€ at Breuninger, Douglas or directly on

Is it worth the hype? It is indeed.

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      Oh Dankeschön! Ich freue mich sehr auf das Beauty-Blogger-Dasein 🙂
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